Study of the flow of a fluid in an area or around an object

  • Hydrodynamics calculation
  • Aerodynamics research
  • Solution to the 6 degrees of freedom:  calculation of impact on a hull, acceleration and lift-off, etc.
  • Cavitation prediction and modelling (confirmed by cavitation tunnel tests)
  • Flow analysis and geometry optimization 
  • precise study of the LOADS exerted


    In the case of a cargo boat shipping goods, CFD studies allow to know the ship resistance and to analyze the flow. An optimal shape can then be designed to reduce consumption.
  • etude2


    Digital simulation of the acceleration of a float and foil group. CFD calculations confirmed behaviour and lift-off speed..

RANS expertise

Software used

ANSYS CFX: RANS fluid calculations, comprehensive and universal software, used by us for aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, cavitation, and dynamics calculations, until 2011.

FineMarine (Numeca): RANS fluid calculations, specific software for the maritime industry, used by us since 2011 for aero and hydrodynamics calculations, including cavitation and free surface

Panel code for quick calculations

Methods of calculation: Cluster with 56 cores

The calculational power of EPFL is at our disposal.