A unique time saving tool during design

  • Performance continues to progress during the design, construction and development phases.
  • Key figures: design of a new boat and VPP in 3 days
  • Testing new foils, appendages, etc., on an existing hull: 3 hrs
  • Comparing 2 configurations: 6 hrs
  • simulation2


    Viewing loads stress helps us understand a boat's stability and provides a quick (non-exhaustive) check of the precision of the parameters entered by the user.
  • HYX 0


    Viewing simulations, as well as recording all the variable data gives us an in-depth understanding of the boat's dynamic performance.

3 important phases

  • Design in the simulator
  • Simulation environment
  • Exploiting the simulation

Design of the simulation

  • Definition of the boat
  • Definition of appendages
  • Definition of propulsion
  • Definition of loads


  • Definition of the sea (height, frequency, speed)
  • Definition of the wind (fixed or random)


  • Confirmed through tests


  • Quickly obtaining the performance of a VPP boat and dynamic simulation
  • Display of loads and boat behaviour
  • Comparison of two configurations, best configuration of foils and sail, sizing the various parts, etc.
  • Live display, csv export of loads
  • The simulator also facilitates discussions between sailors and designers, by recording and analysing navigation and by replaying it on the simulator.