From the outset, we thought as a LABORATORY boat. Since 2010, Hydros has made use of a large quantity of data collected from this extraordinary flying catamaran. This expertise is now available to everyone to optimize boat efficiency and carefully analyse all the parameters that come into play.

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    Hydros can record navigation data with computer tools to analyse and optimize a boat's performance in real sailing conditions.
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    Hydros' expertise extends to the field of measurement, with the integration of sensors, data acquisition and their analysis. We work together with HBM, a world leader in measurement instruments.
  • Our Hydros engineers are all from top-level sailing and know how to interpret scientific results, to analyse and understand them and to adapt them to the realities of sailing.
  • Conversely, they are also able to report on observations and carry out on site measurement campaigns, looking at them from a scientific viewpoint, with the goal of improving a boat's performance.
  • The Hydros team can recommend possible boat, sail and trimming optimizations, and even consulting on team use.