Hydros.ch is one of Hydros's founding projects.

A blank sheet, the desire to continue research on foils and flying boats.

4 years after the launch of the flying catamaran, it is recognized as THE fastest multihull on Lake Geneva.

It embodies the Hydros spirit!

  • Efficient (sails 2.7 times wind speed)
  • Research and testing platform
  • Analysis and data acquisition laboratory
  • Record hunter

« The challenge was to design a versatile boat that has good floatability and flies well. »

Hydros.ch is a unique boat. It combines the performances of an Archimedean, hydroplaning and flying boat, and it performs well in winds between 2 and 30 knots.

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Hydros.ch's records are the fruit of extensive CFD studies, the development of its hulls and appendages, aerodynamic studies of its sails and many optimizations over the years.

Designed primarily as a laboratory boat, Hydros.ch has been equipped with many sensors to collect a large quantity of data, optimize its performance and supplement the simulator.

Symbol of energy efficiency, the laboratory catamaran can sail 2.7 times faster than the wind and therefore proves that we can do MORE with the same quantity of energy!